How to Assess the Quality of Your Driving Lessons


Making sure you get good driving lessons is important, however assessing this matter is very difficult as only to the trained eye can someone know whether or not you’re getting good, quality tuition.

So how does the untrained eye know whether or not the tuition they’re receiving is value for money?

A good driving lessons has structure to it. For example, if on your lesson you’re learning how to move off and stop the instructor should first show you the correct procedure slowly making sure you understand what needs to be done. He will then demonstrate at normal speed to show you how it should be done, switching seats you will have a go at this. Instructors are taught to at first talk you through the procedure until the guided instruction is no longer needed becoming less and less until you can do it by yourself. This is the structure that most driving instructors should use but some may use slightly different methods hence why it’s hard to spot whether your driving lessons are good or not.

One thing your driving instructor should certainly not be doing is dragging out a lesson. Using the same example as above if you are continuously moving off and stopping getting it right every time then you shouldn’t continue to go over the same procedure. Once you have done it correctly several times you should move on driving lessons stellenbosch. This isn’t to hard to spot and is a good way of assessing the quality of your driving lessons.

Instructors are graded just like students are in a schools however the scoring system is slightly different. Every few years they’re graded from 4-6 or ungraded. With 6 been the best and 4 been a pass, however ungraded doesn’t necessarily mean that an instructor is no good. Instructors are ungraded until their first check test but they’re graded on their exam they took to become a driving instructor so you can see how good they are using that. Grade 4 instructors are still very competent instructors and the majority of the people who take your driving lessons will be grade 4.

Check tests are put in place to make sure you get quality driving tuition from anyone you take lessons with. They assess them so you don’t have to, however you may want to be sure that your instructor isn’t getting lazy by assessing the quality of the lessons for yourself using the above tips.

Other qualities that should be evident in good driving lessons are things such as punctuality of the instructor, their ability to spot and fix problems your having and also how easy they’re to get along with and listen to as you spend a lot of time with them. Assess all these areas and you will have no problem with ‘cowboy’ teachers.

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