Single Drum Spill Containment – An Easy Way to Protect Your Facility From Leaky Drums


Drums are handy for storing fluids and materials. Some times, though they flow. Also to be sure this will not cause issues, there should be something set up that comprises any errant liquid. Continue reading to learn more about single drum containment.

Maybe all you’ve got is one drum. Even much poly barrels more inclined, you have several, however, you will need to keep them in different places. Either way, the lone drum containment pallet may be your way to preventing possible clogs from inducing issues.

Pallets are ostensibly like saucers. While they are in a variety of shapes and sizes, the simple principle is broadly speaking exactly the same: they’re just like trays of sorts on that you put your own drums. Regarding only drum units, they have a tendency to be round, sort of just like the trays or saucers that you put under potted plants to be able to prevent leaking water from destroying your furniture.

Pallets do precisely the identical task, and you use them this way too.

They generally include a removable poly grate, making the grates in addition to the things easy to wash. The materials themselves also tend to be made from high density polyethylene, which will be a really hardy material, highly resistant to most chemicals, and will endure for many years ahead.

You may also want to find an optional ramp so you can readily move the drums off and onto the pallets. This makes moving the drums more powerful and may well prevent injuries that could result in a significant spill, some thing to be avoided whatsoever costs.

Considering that only drum spill containment pallets are designed for drums carrying either 30 or 55 liters, these ramps can come in really aid with maneuvering those heavy drums, particularly when they are filled with compounds.

Along with ramps, you can also desire to put money into a dolly or a portable dispensing cart to help you move those drums round, considering their own weight. They too are extremely sturdy and include castors that swivel to be able to ease moving the cart or revolve round.

Do you have to use them by themselves in all times? Not whatsoever. Some models might be combined into modular components, that may come in handy as your performance grows.

Proper lone drum spill containment, particularly when paired with the right type of dollies or mobile operating cart, can help to keep your facility safe by containing spills before they will have a chance to even get to the floor. That will even help you comply with EPA regulations, plus it could keep your facility, your employees, as well as your environment safe.

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