Grants and Scholarships For Single Moms – What’s the Difference and How to Get Free Money


If you’re a single mom who has decided to return to school, it’s very likely you’re searching for some form of financial assistance. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a list or a few websites that mention scholarships and grants for someone just like you. But what is the difference between the two? And is one better than the other?

Scholarships and grants do share similarities. The most exciting one is that neither of them has to be repaid-ever! Both can help offset the cost of your tuition, which can be particularly expensive, especially when you’re working and raising a family at the same time. Going back to school can seem like a daunting task, but you can use both scholarships and grants to take the weight of managing college finances off of your list of worries Study in China.

Grants Offered Based on Need

Grants generally are offered by non-profit organizations. The government is the largest and most obvious provider, and you can visit the federal website to find a list of grants offered nationally as well as by state. This type of assistance is also need-based. You will have to provide proof of economic hardship or other factors that would indicate an inability for you to invest in your education yourself. You might also be given a particular project to do in return, during which you’ll be required to provide updates until completion-a small price to pay in exchange for lessening the cost of your education.

Scholarships Offered Based on Merit, Talent, Ethnicity, etc.

Scholarships are offered by schools, companies, and a multitude of other organizations, and you don’t have to prove any type of need. You simply need to meet their qualifications, such as being a single mom, having high grades, wearing glasses, being Chinese-American-you name it, there’s probably a scholarship for it. You just need to look! You can find opportunities online, at your school, or even with your current employer. You will simply need to keep your grades up or take certain classes, etc., in order to keep the scholarship during your entire enrollment.

Neither one is better than the other, really. There are just different requirements to meet, and you should take advantage of every opportunity that you feel you qualify for. Only turn to student loans as a last resort-some organization out there is waiting to help put you through school on their dollar!

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