Nitrogen Tire Inflation System

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Until very recently, advances in tire technology concentrated on the rubber, tread, and the radial metal used in the structure of the tire. Over the past twenty years, the humble tire has come a long way, but one thing remained constant. The means by which the tire was inflated. Now, thanks to huge research into what could improve tire performance for all drivers, nitrogen tire inflation systems are available that are set to revolutionize the whole industry.

Using regular compressed air to fill tires has been the standard practice for more than a century, but the fact is, the air inside the tire is one of the main contributing factors in tire degradation, which can lead to a catastrophic failure in the tire. Using a nitrogen tire inflation system allows you to replace the regular air in the tire with pure inert nitrogen gas, which in turn protects the rubber, and has a number of other important benefits for drivers best tire inflator with gauge 2018.

Using a nitrogen tire inflation system allows you to give drivers a more efficient, safer, and more comfortable drive. There are many reasons for this, but they are all related to the fact that when you use nitrogen to fill the tire rather than regular air, less of it escapes, meaning that the pressure is more reliable, so the tire stays at its optimum level.

Normal ambient air contains around 78% nitrogen; however, the remaining 22% is made up of other gases, including around 21% oxygen. Oxygen is one of the most reactive gases in the world, and it can cause a great deal of damage to both the rubber of the tire, and the metal of the rim. Over time, the oxygen degrades the rubber and the metal making the valves less effective, and the rubber more porous. A tire filled with regular air starts to deflate gradually.

Low pressure in a tire means that it has a higher rolling resistance. In turn this means that the engine has to work harder to push the car along, meaning a higher fuel bill. By using a chemically inert gas with a system, you are able to guarantee a higher internal pressure in the tires. This provides a better ride, better fuel economy, and of course better safety, as a tire that is properly inflated is less likely to fail in use due to proper distribution of weight, and even wear.

Over the next couple of years, as concern about man made climate change grows, and with the ever increasing cost of fuel, many drivers are going to be looking for an edge from their workshop. Nitrogen tire inflation systems are set to be that edge. Imagine being able to offer a single service that can improve fuel efficiency by an average of 8%, extend the lifetime of an expensive part of a car, and provide your customers with a better ride. You can with a Nitrogen tire.

These systems have been extensively tested by manufacturers such as RTI, and are demonstrating some excellent results. For example, the RTI RTINTF-15 Plus is an excellent piece of equipment for inflating nitrogen tires. The headline of these results is the 8% improvement in fuel economy. To put that amount into perspective, over 12 months, a person who spends $50 per week on fuel would potentially save up to $200 thanks to just replacing the air in their tires with pure nitrogen.

Offering the best possible service to the people who use your workshop or auto repair center means bringing them the latest advances first. Nitrogen tire inflation systems can give your business an edge over the competition, providing you with the means to provide a service that other people cannot, and that can only be a good thing for you and your bank balance.

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