French Polish – Why is it the Best Protection Against Time For Your Furniture?


Everybody knows the importance of having spic-and-span furniture in the home. Being an essential element in almost every room, it often costs a fortune, particularly because of the craftsmanship that is required to create a masterpiece that can adorn your home and accentuate it. However, not many know of the right kind of techniques that are to be used to keep it in prime shape. And even for those who know, hiring a specialist JUST to maintain the furniture and MAYBE maintain it so that it stays good for the next year or so seems like money going down the drain for no reason.

Do not get me wrong, but if you are also one of those who think that using furniture restoration techniques does not really help in prolonging the life of your furniture, then you certainly haven’t heard of the French Polish procedure. Basically, it consists of applying repetitive protective coats of a special kind of shellac polish with a rubbing pad. The resultant shine almost resembles the shine of a new piece of furniture, with the only difference being that you don’t have to pay as much for the same car wood finishing edenbridge.

A couple of paragraphs earlier, I have highlighted the words ‘just’ and ‘maybe’. This is because there are still many apprehensions regarding the effectiveness of the French Polish technique. Many also consider it to be an expensive waste of one’s hard-earned money. And while it is but natural to be concerned for the fact that one does not blow away savings on something that doesn’t work, it is also quite necessary to know the facts before taking a decision. This procedure has been in use since the 18th century, when it was used to protect furniture and was considered the best practice for doing so. Further, even if it gets damaged, it can easily be patched and made just like a new job, which is not the case with other polishes. Also, it does not cause any kind of damage to the furniture, and ensures that your furniture looks great even after years of purchase.

I would sincerely recommend the French polish technique to everyone who is looking forward to ensuring that their furniture stays the same through the years.

Ishan Ahmad is a professional Interior Decorator. He often writes on different aspects, elements and process of home and office interior decoration. This article is about French polish.

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