Steve Jobs – The Ultimate Vision and Faith


“We can simply connect the dots looking back… we need to have religion (vision) they will join in the future” – Steve Jobs

This month celebrates two special birthdays. Steve Jobs along with my very own. Come on, I am allowed! Steve was created on February 24th and I am the 25th. Being a Mac enthusiast all my life, his influence in my life was enormous. As I began to reflect on my birthday and we have accomplished on the job and me, I recalled the Steve Jobs quote from over. Joining the dots of yesteryear is simple. Faith isn’t necessarily the easy part.

While I think of Steve Jobs two things come into mind – Visionary and Professional.

I was psyched when I discovered that Steve Jobs was, such as myself, a Piscean male. For people who don’t stick to the zodiac, normally Pisces are believed dreamers. I believe myself to be a dreamer/big vision thinker also, always searching for how two allegedly different things could be placed together. For celebrities it is the mix of the passions and pursuits with their artwork.

The distinction between dreamers and visionaries is that visionaries set strategies into actions. As actors we’ve aims but we sometimes don’t take certain actions or place that supreme fantasy into a strategy. Often when we believe we are being specific enough we might just have scratched the surface. While I look at Steve Jobs’ specificity, his vision and ideology pushed boundaries. He was daring that enabled him to proceed, but he had specificity in what he wished to accomplish. That coupled with all the faith in his eyesight was very strong. Through his failures, (he was fired from Apple) his religion in his eyesight kept him going forward.

Religion and specificity from the eyesight is something which we do not always cultivate as celebrities. We do not get immediate results so that we cease or even alter our attention. Occasionally it’s just in the long run we realize we had been on the ideal path once we lost religion and ceased job.

Steve never second-guessed his eyesight. He thought in it into the depths of the spirit. As actors we could have a nod and recognize specificity and dedication to our vision are two keys to victory.

Dare to place your eyesight and follow through with passion and discipline. Dare to become super unique regarding what it is you desire. Dare to maintain the career of your dreams – maybe not the livelihood that’s safe.

In homage to Steve Jobs, our vision on the job is to produce a motion in our area, if you will, of like-minded actors using sound business fundamentals, fire and specificity to move their career forward.

But we can not do so with no own personal genius and also the vision which you put forth on your own.

In case you wont do it for you, do it to your fans and nearest and dearest. Place your eyesight on the planet with dedication and enthusiasm and specificity. And be a active participant and determine what happens. I guarantee you good things will come.

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