Health Effects Of Using A Shisha Water Pipe


Does it have the same effects of smoking shisha than smoking an ordinary cigarette? Most Arab countries have their own version of a tobacco water pipe. It is most commonly called as a Shisha or a Hookah. It has been part of the tradition, oldest and popular in Middle East countries and is also seen in India, Turkey and Egypt. It is a tall pipe with glass bottom where some cooled water is filled in. At the top most, it is where the tobacco is placed covered by a thin foil. On top of the foil is the heated coal. The Shisha or Sheesha usually operates by filtering the water and heating up the tobacco indirectly. It has gained popularity in most Arab countries. Some used it to smoke marijuana, herbal fruits or tobacco. It is usually smoke in various flavors namely, strawberry, apple, peach, pistachio, mint, coconut, mango and a lot more.

There’s a saying that Shisha are less dangerous than smoking cigarette or pipe smoking. How true is that? Maybe it is because it is indirectly done when smoking? According to the WHO, analysis have reached to the point that it is far more dangerous than smoking cigarettes or pipe smoking. One is getting more smoke from the hookah than smoking a stick of a cigarette thus exposing to smoke in a longer period of time bongs for sale. Inhaling that smoke from the hookah is like inhaling toxic gases and compounds and also some heavy metals thus leading to pulmonary and cardiac problems. It means water in the pipe doesn’t filter the smoke but does absorb nicotine.

There’s a fact that leads to saying, Shisha is just equal to and the same with smoking cigarettes. But it is just that like smoking 100 to 200 times cigarettes in a 60-minute Hookah session. Thus saying that it is more dangerous than smoking a cigarette. Another thing is that it is unhygienic and unhealthy when there are more than 2 sharing the pipe. One could acquire respiratory or pulmonary problems by passing the pipe to another and another. Going to cafes that has Sheesha for everyone is unhealthy. Inhaling the smoke from those who are doing a session is still considered as a passive smoker. And come to think of it, passive smokers acquires fatal health complications than active smokers.

Thus, Shisha is noted that it is more dangerous than smoking a cigarette. It is noted as more hazardous to health and can lead to numerous complications to the human body’s vital organs just the same with smoking an ordinary cigarette.

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