Pallet Wrap – The Range and Its Uses


Parseal brand pallet wrap is the ideal product to wrap and secure boxes and products onto wooden or plastic pallets. Parseal can also be used to wrap around items that may be going into storage, this will keep them dry and protect them from getting dirty and dusty. Parseal wrap will also help stop products getting lost in transit as it will securely hold items tightly together and this will also minimise damage as goods in transit can not then roll around and get bumped against the side of a lorry or container.

Pallet wrap is mainly available in 3 different grades. Economy which is suitable for light, small objects and boxes, is also widely used in the removal business instead of using tape around boxes. General purpose wrap is slightly stronger so it can be used on bigger boxes and slightly heavier items. The heavy duty wrap can be used for heavier and bulkier items, bigger boxes and can also be used for bundling poles together fhopepack stretch wrapper.

Pallet shrink wrap also provides vital protection from outdoor elements such as rain, wind and snow, in the likely event that the items or pallets have been left outside during transit or removal.

For added security you could use black shrink wrap which will help conceal what you are shipping or putting into storage. This is a perfect solution if you are going to be shipping or storing high valuable items as it will prevent anybody easily seeing what you have on a pallet or are going to store away.

Also available and an ideal product to use with the clear wrap is the Parseal pallet toppers, these are also available in 3 different grades, economy, general purpose and heavy duty strengths. The pallets toppers provide added protection when used alongside the pallet wrap.

This product is easily applied by using a hand held Dispenser, which makes wrapping up pallets a quick and easy task. Using a pallet wrap dispenser also promotes efficient wrapping and reduces any waste.

One other product you can use to secure your pallets once they have been wrapped with pallet wrap is strapping tape, this is also available in different strengths and will keep your pallets contained and secured safety for transportation or for storage.

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