The Business Immigration Program in Canada


The proactive responses and policy enacted to assist the growth of the Canadian economy is well documented, with government agencies charged with the responsibility of immigration policies continually redeveloping concepts and strategies in an effort to streamline the process while meeting the increasing demand for skilled workers. In an effort to boost the numbers of suitably qualified and experienced immigrants to fill the dividing gap between economic growth initiatives, and the skill base required to accomplish these goals, the Business Immigration Program was originated. This program aims to encourage economic prosperity by attracting investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals with the experience, skills and capital required to flourish in their respective industries. The program itself aims to develop commercial opportunities to improve access to growing foreign markets by encouraging immigration from suitably qualified individuals who pertain to have the specific knowledge and understanding necessary to create growth, employment and generate new revenue streams for the benefit of local communities and the country at large Canada Investors Immigration.

Application under the Business Immigration Program can be made under three differing categories, each with specific requirements of application and eligibility, being termed investor, entrepreneur and self-employed respectively. To qualify for the investor program, individuals must be able to prove that they are worth at least CA$800,000, have extensive managerial experience along with a desire to invest CA$400,000 into a secured venture which is managed and guaranteed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The funds are utilised by this organisation to further the growth and employment opportunities available in Canada, and the secured investment is returned after five years, without interest.

The entrepreneur program stipulates that the applicant must have a net worth of at least CA$300,000 and be willing to purchase a business which will not only support themselves and their family, but contribute to the creation of new positions for Canadian employees. Under the criteria for the self employed persons program, individuals must show that they are able to support themselves and any family members or dependents present on the application, with ability to provide their own income through farming, sporting and artistic ventures.

The added benefit of applying through the business program, in whichever category is suitable, is upon acceptance, applicants and their immediate family receive permanent resident status, with the ability to apply for citizenship after three years.

For individuals and businesses contemplating the move to Canada under any of the three of the Business Program criteria, confer with a professional immigration consultant who can provide all the necessary information for a successful application, along with invaluable assistance with relocation and housing, acclimatisation, and business opportunities in the specific industries that reflect your skills and expertise.

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