Developing a Plot of a Science Fiction Novel Not Nearly As Difficult As it Looks

Many science fiction writers who’ve written a good deal of works; short stories, novels and eBooks run out of ideas for future plots. This does not need to happen, and just reading a few science journals and newspapers for a few weeks can reveal the potential for more than great Sci Fi novel. For instance let’s look at the news items recently concerning activity of Under Water Volcanic activity off the coast of San Diego นิยายอีโรติก.

An underwater volcano has a burst of extra activity and the gases bubble up to the ocean’s surface and escape into the atmosphere, with sulfur laden bacteria, that lives at 1800 degrees but can also survive in colder water as the deep ocean currents move it around. So, all this bacteria (maybe feeds off iron and other Earth minerals) becomes a cloud and then flows with El Nino and Hurricane or Tropical Storm airflows (warmer air), near the inlet to the sea of Cortez and then flows into AZ, NM, TX where it rains down?

It causes weird coloration in the clouds as the hot air from jet engine contrails hit it, triggering crazy conspiracy theorists claiming the government is poisoning the populations to control human populations. Then it rains into the Colorado River AZ water project extension between PHX and Tucson, jeopardizing human water supply and crops. Since, humans have more bacteria DNA in them than human DNA; it alters the human gene expression.

Now from there a writer could take the novel anywhere you wanted from there on the science fiction topic. And an interesting book to read Sci Fi novel is “Gravity” by Tess Garitsen, where a scientist takes this bacteria found near a volcanic vent into space at the ISS into zero gravity, and it grows so rapidly and so viral it renders the Space Station uninhabitable. Tess is a pretty cool author and her Husband is very knowledgeable in subjects of micro-biologist, and obviously Tess has read numerous NASA microbiology papers in researching her book; Gravity.

Now realize I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I can recall a really interesting theory from someone on one of the TED Videos, he was talking about the best way to solve all the problems diseases, viruses, etc, was to drop minute amounts of dead strains of various diseases on human populations to help their immune systems recognize it in advance of a pandemic, food borne virus, water borne disease, etc. Would you like me to dig up that video and email the link?

Additionally, bacteria has been found that operates in huge clusters like schools of fish. It makes sense, and they’ve found this in caves, in some ponds of water, as the bacteria sheens across the top, and swirls and changes direction due to light stimulus or motion. You see, how you can combine many different news items, conspiracy theories, events, and combine those with the fears of pandemics, hurricanes, and other very scary scenarios? Please think on this to help you develop your own Sci Fiction plot.

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