Four Ways a Good Knife Sharpening Steel Could Make Your Life Easier


You have probably seen chefs, either on television or in real life, using a piece of equipment looking like a long metal rod with a plastic handle against their knife. This is a sharpening steel, and by sliding the knife edge repeatedly against it, they keep their knives sharp. Anyone who has worked in a restaurant will be familiar with this, but it has applications that reach even beyond the realm of professional cooking. Here are some ways a knife sharpening steel could be used to make your life easier and even save you money.

Longer life for your knives

If you work in a restaurant you will probably have very good quality knives. These are expensive, and it would be a shame if they were to become dulled with repeated use. By using a sharpening steel, you can hone the blade, which means that the microscopic edges of the blade become realigned, making your knives more effective for longer ceramic sharpening rod.

Not just for professional use

If you are an avid cook, or even if you only cook casually as a means to keep yourself alive, a sharpening steel can be beneficial. All knives will become dull with repeated use, so even if you don’t have the best set of knives in the world, you can still get longer use with a knife sharpening steel, saving you from buying new knives.

Different styles for different uses

There are many different types of steel, which give you different results. There are even sharpeners for kitchen use featuring diamonds or ceramic knife sharpeners for the most accurate honing possible, and can also be used to sharpen almost anything.

Small price to pay

With sharpening steels selling for less than $10, it’s less than the price of a good knife, and can extend the life of your knives longer than you would have believed!

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