FIFA 2010 World Cup Will Be First Event in History to Involve 1 Billion in British Bets Alone


The World Cup, which starts on Friday and will have a sizable economic impact in countries far outside the host country South Africa, sticks apart as the biggest occurrence in British sports betting history, ” bookmakers said the other day.

Sharpe’s estimate is to get British-based bookmakers exclusively.

The prior most gainful wagering Bet on World Cup incident was that the 2006 World Cup, which Sharpe asserts involved earnings of “towards 1bn lbs, however below 1bn lbs. Hopefully this time we’re being conservative in our estimates also it could be a whole lot more than 1bn pounds.”

William Hill – certainly the market complete – could gain from England going quite a distance, but at long stop losing. “I would say we’re really within an ‘anybody but England’ position in terms of biggest margins,” Sharpe clarified.

Patriotic punters in England ditch bookies’ coffers by gambling on England, typically around 15-2 to gain the Cup. England are favorites in the rear of Spain, Brazil and Argentina. The longer Britain remain in the greater money is bet on these, and also the more the sports novels will probably develop a profit so long as they eventually lose.

Hills states certainly one of the clients flew to London strictly to put a wager of $85,000 (59,000 pounds) to a worldcup accumulative wager involving six nations either to qualify not to meet the requirements from the set periods of this match. For the wager to win, Argentina, Germany and Italy must qualify from the group stages while Algeria, Japan and Honduras fail to achieve this. A winning ending effect needs to net the punter 139,000 pounds.

Hill have also implemented a 10,000 pound bet on Italy winning the World Cup out of a Scottish customer in Glasgow. “The bet was placed over the telephone at odds of 16-1,” Sharpe said.

Exactly the same punter also staked a 5,173 pound double on Argentina to get this year and Brazil to win in 2014, in likelihood of 28-1, that might profit 150,017 lbs.

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