Magnet and Its Applications

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In search of more efficient transportation techniques, power and energy generation, magnetic technology is gaining considerable significance in today’s world. Along with the invention of fire and wheels, the discovery of magnet is considered one of the greatest achievements.

Available in various shapes and sizes, for home as well as industrial uses, magnet is a material that produces an invisible field named as magnetic field, which is used to attract iron objects. The two primary varieties of magnets are the permanent magnets and the electromagnets. Permanent magnets are created from a magnetized material, having a persistent magnetic field. The electromagnet on the other hand, is one which consists of a coil wire, which behaves as a magnet when an electric current is passed through it.

Nowadays, magnets are used in a multitude of application areas. The modern world is so much dependent on magnets that its flow might come to a halt in their absence. There is nothing wrong in saying that magnets are almost indispensable for the survival of the present world.

Different Applications of Magnets magneet

In industries, magnets are used in various equipment like pulleys, separators, sweepers and welding devices, to name a few. They are the driving force behind electric motors and generators.
They are used in audio cassettes, floppy disks and hard disks, the entire data is recorded on a thin coating film.
Another usage is in health sector where hospitals are using magnetic imaging resonance techniques to scan the organs and for various surgical purposes.
The use of magnets is also common in magnetic therapy devices like magnetic waist belts, magnetic mattresses, magnetic massager, knee magnets and so.
The entire concept of Maglev train is based on the repulsion between electromagnets. Due to the repulsion only, the train floats above the track at a drastic speed.
Certain equipment, which are common in households these days, also make use of magnets. These equipment include headphones, speakers, refrigerators, television, water pumps, radio, telephone, etc.
Nowadays, magnets are also used for making certain special kind of jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants.
The commonly used credit, debit and ATM cards these days are based on the magnetic technology. They possess a magnetic strip which contains all the necessary information.
Other miscellaneous uses of magnets include use in compasses, vinyl magnet sheets, science projects, toys, tools, fail-safe devices, and so.

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